Jubilee Bathroom furniture


Fashionable and affordable the Jubilee range is available in many finishes that can be mixed to customise your bathroom or used to create a classic chic look. The basin is 80cm wide and projects 45cm so can be used in most bathrooms. Recessed handles and soft closing is a feature of all doors and drawers.


Jubilee JUB15 + cupboard
Jubilee JUB16 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB18 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB19 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB19 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB39 + cupboards
Jubileum JUB39 + wandkasten (open)
Jubilee JUB39 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB39 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB45 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB47 + cupboard
Jubilee JUB77 + cupboards
Jubilee JUB106 + cupboard
Jubilee cabinet with ceramic basin
Jubilee cabinet with basin cultured marble
Jubilee cabinet white anthracite
Jubilee cabinet white apple green
Jubilee cabinet white walnut
Jubilee cabinet white high gloss white
Jubilee detail drawer
Jubilee detail drawer cabinet
Jubileum detail LED mirror
Jubileum detail cabinet aluminium anthracite
Jubilee detail cupboards walnut
Jubilee detail cupboards white
Jubilee JUB39 + cupboards

Thebalux Bathroom furniture

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